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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Reward! 8:55 AM

Chlovelle receive a hello kitty plushie as a reward for not wetting her bed during nap time!

2 days in a row! Wow! Jia you baby girl!

More picture of her with Hello kitty so cute!

My fav is Ronald Kitty! Cant't wait for it to be out next week...

Like a doll. Love love little velle

My last bit of blusher, but still unwilling to throw it away!

I like this color a lot!

Having this annoying headache for the whole day...

Oh my goodness, making me feeling so lousy and grumpy.

Love to have hubby around, because he will crush my pills for me :D

(Yea, i cannot swallow pills Loser right)

Yes i am feeling SO SO much better now 

omg set free~ 

Went to snip my fringe when im having headache,

and the result is uneven fringe.... LOL!


there was also once i snip my fringe without my glasses on.

I just don't learn from my lesson.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Happy mid week! 9:00 AM

Happy mid week to you people out there!!

3rd day of her school holidays, how come i feel the days passes slower than ever?

This morning after breakfast, hubby and I was chatting in the room

while velle was watching OKTO in the living area...

Suddenly she burst out screaming and crying!

Apparently she bit her lips and it did bleed quite abit...

Don't know what exactly happen, but there is this piece of skin dangling.

Ewwww max. An ulcer for you girl!

After rinsing her mouth,

i let her suck on some ice to numb the pain and reduce the swelling.

Everytime when there is an emergency like this,

you can see how differently me and hubby will react.


I will quickly go for first aid, while hubby will panic...

It is really funny, because hubby is the more mature one,

but when it comes to this kind of thing, his brain totally stop working.

Off diapers during naptime

It has been 2 weeks since i train Chlovelle to be off diaper during naptime.

Everyday she would wet her panties because she couldn't hold her pee in.

But today, she took a 2hours plus nap and woke up not wetting her panties!


Shall not celebrate yet, because she only did it 1 time after 2 weeks,

shall observe again.

How did I manage not to change the sheets everyday?

Well, i actually wear panties for her, then diaper after it.

Sound weird huh? This is to get her to feel that her panties is wet,

since diapers are so absorbent nowadays, Chlovelle can't seem to feel the pee on the surface. LOL

So she when she cant hold her pee in the sleep, she can actually feel her panties is wet,

yet not dirtying the bedsheets.

How do you train your kids? (:

Share with me.

After dinner, I brought Chlovelle with me to the watsons sale.

Coincidentally, we wore matching outfits!

Hello kitty top and jean shorts


So glad to have her around to accompany me.

The watsons Q was horrible..

I went to the Nex outlet, and i had to Q for some time to get into watsons.

Already did my research, so quickly grab what i need and head to the check out Q.

I think i Q more than 30 mins to check out WTH...

Lucky my little darling did not complain at all, or maybe she have not reach the age yet. LOL

She is really one awesome kid.

So this are my buys from watsons member sale.

Kodomo wipes are at $2 each, whenever i see it i will get them!

So cheap!

My 2nd peripera product.

Peripera sounds funny to pronounce, like pilipala xia yu le.

Or like Pilipala when you diarrhea LOL

I bought this coral color to try,

it comes with a brush too, and the brush is very soft unlike others.

OMG I just tried this photoready concealer,

mega loving it!

I love how it covers my dark circles..

Maybe i should try it in the morning again ,

in case it is because my room lighting is too dim. LOL!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
We won the Mother's day contest! 9:00 AM


We won the Mother's Day contest!

Thanks you guys for voting for us, although it is not a fair fight. LOL

There are like only 4 entries including mine, but who cares.

We still won! Wahahaha!

This means a lot to us,

because we never had a family shoot before.

I mean my mum, sister and us...

It will be fun! And I already keep bugging the girls what they gonna wear,

but they bo chup me.

I am very anal when looking for clothings for velle to wear to events.

So last week i have been frantically searching for new dresses.

I really like the gown she wore to the wedding ( remember the one with big pink bow?),

but i felt that it appear too many times in my blog already...

So not fresh and interesting enough.

Yes or no?

Finally found a white dress that i feel it is quite elegant for the shoot.

Bought it from gmarket, and the seller is super nice and stuff.

Replied my emails promptly, invite me to view the actual product etc...

So i bought it from her, and opt for normal mail..

But guess what, she deliver right to my lift... 

she wanted to deliver to my door but my house is not for public eye LOL (super messy)

So nice right!

But one thing bad about the dress is that the belt abit koyah.

It is almost falling apart plus not enough holes.

Anyway that is velle doing, i am a little teapot pose

So after her nap,

i thought we could go to serangoon gardens tiny mall to find a belt puncher at home fix..

But it was OOS.

Wander around the mall and found a key smith!

Wheee! He did his magic on the belt, and fix the ribbon with glue etc etc..

Then when i wanted to pay him, he told me it's FREEE!!!!!

OH MY GOD, feeling very blessed ok.

After that we went to serangoon garden hawker to have macaroni soup.

Velle keep saying macaroons soup. LOL!

Anyway, she LOVE LOVE LOVE macaroons from delifrance,

so next time you see her, you can bribe her with that. 

I think it is the first time we had dinner at a hawker, like just the two of us.

she kept blowing an ant and she thinks its so fun.. Ke ai~

Came back and tried on the belt again,

it fits perfectly!

Doing the teapot pose again, the dress reminds her of teapot song???

Pretty or not?

OR you think this dress nicer? LOL!

Ya la, i very annoying right?

Dont know why i keep looking for other dresses also..


OR this?

But i worry she look weird cause she too glam, then we very lok kok.

It is gonna be another awesome day tomorrow!

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Holidays! 1:34 AM

Chlovelle is totally enjoying her holidays now.

Yesterday when we asked her during breakfast, if she wants to go school,

she told  us " no need " LOL!

Made french toast, not am not a very good cook. 

At least it is edible. haha!

I was suppose to head down to John Little to get these pillows.

They are on sale at 25$ each!

Seriously, i love love love this brand Stylemaster, by kingkoil

It is like a gel pillow, and it doesnt get flat after using it for a long time.

Very awesome really.

So i went isetan to find these, because marina sq is quite far and im lazy.

But they are selling is at 2 for $59.

I was chatting with this sales aunty, and told her JL is having this on promotion,

and ask for a price match. LOL (omg i very aunty)

But she is super duper nice, and gave me the same price as JL la.

So YAY! bought 2 for $50

If you are looking for pillows, can go down and try this brand v awesome really.

Hubby went work in the noon,

and i spent my day with this little girl.

Cute but also always trying her luck with me.



Selling this avent bottle sterilizer at $8

Baby carrier with floral prints at $10

Kate spade wallet brand new,

price nego.

And Lili also have few items from Avent selling at cheap prices!

Do head over to her blog thanks!

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Monday, May 28, 2012
Moody 11:22 AM

Feeling moody today (*`へ´*)

Will be back tomorrow

Saturday, May 26, 2012
Weekends with the Kee(s) 9:00 AM

Before i start an entry about my weekends,

I have to thank all the supportive readers for siding me (:

But i think ignoring her is the best option,

because i tried blocking her IP address 9 times, and she kept coming back with new ones.

How the hell she does that?! 

Let's all ignore her and let her bark all she wants.

She claim she is not interested in my blog 1 week ago, and came back to massively spam me?

I mean seriously... Don't you go out on weekends?

Or have something better to do than forcing me to admit what you think is going on....

My answer is NO... you will not get any answers for me.


To rest of my understanding readers.

I will share about (it) when it is 100% confirm.

So just stay tune. It is not as if i am closing my blog tomorrow or something right? 

So tina, it is time for you to get off my blog and go eat some tuna. kthanksbye



We head down to marina square because i wanted to find a gown for Chlovelle.

Anyway i didn't find any. very sad.

I love her kitty sunglass, but the ribbon keeps dropping off.

Chirpy as usual <3

Had lunch at nex then head down to marina square.

I refuse to agree with hubby to alight at esplanade station, 

in the end i am wrong : X

Hubby sucks at 3D movies or shows.

This is the first time he exclaim he can see the object fly near his face.

He very weak one leh, imagine he go USS shrek 4D and cannot really enjoy. LOL.

Didn't see any nice gowns,

but manage to find a sparkly tiara at mini princess.

Opening opening very gan jiong.

Really very chio leh.

Nice not???

Thanks to zhen, i got 15% because she is a mini princess member.

This is her "act pretty" face.

Whenever we put something nice one her, or she eats something tasty,

she will do this.

Looks.... convi.... constipated..

Pretty chlovelle is pretty.

The Kee(s) later came and join us.

Happy konkon bouncing as usual.

This is his smile now.

Very cute hor?

The lower lips will be suck in when he smiles.

Konkon loves to gaze at people, and hubby have to return some love too.

8 months & 38 months

Velle is so into kon now.

she will do those babyish and high pitch,

and gujigujigujigu~

It is funny to see her like that.

You see his smile! LOL

Only kids look good with flash.


I thought that his feet look like hands.

Love you baby girl.

After spending some time with kon,

i feel that i keep reminding her not to hurt kon,

and asked her to share her toys.

I took a step back, and felt it is so unfair to her.

Like suddenly it is all about the youngest little boy,

and i keep asking her to be careful.

More sure that i wont want another child for now, or in near future...

Have you vote for Miche-kon?


We packed dinner and have it at our place.

The guys play PS3, then they went to grab supper.

The kids slept, and we went ahead to watch Mirrors.

It is like my first ghost movie after 3 -4 years?

Nicole is not helping as she keep saying "oh my god, oh my god.. zhe li zhe li, oh my god"



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