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Monday, August 31, 2009
Chlovelle chlovelle chlovelle 10:19 AM

This weekend was great,

but im not feeling very well.

Blame it on the menses.

It has been a long long time since i had a normal menses,

and now, its killing me.

Its so bad that i feel like giving up on taking caree of velle.

Not normal not normal.


Her fingers are really flexible,

love to spin the ball.



Checking out the hippo





eat it!





playing seriously.

I taught velle to hold her feet whenever i change her diaper.

Now wheneven i open her diaper, auto she will hold the feet.






Hold the feet feet...

Im so glad i made it this far....

I manage to survive to see her grow out of her cranky stage.


Watch the cute video ok!

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On the side of me - Corrinne May 9:18 AM

I'm not the easiest person to love

I'm often the one who lets things go unresolved

Yet you choose to beon the side of me

on the side of me

Yet you choose to be on the side of me

on the side of me

I'm not too proud of some things

I've done in my life

The skeletons in my closet

Are too big for me to hide

Yet you choose to beon the side of me

on the side of me

Blessed Charity

You're on the side of me

on the side of me'

Cause everyone needs a friend to hold

when it's cold outside

and there's no place to go

Everyone needs a friend to hold

all alone I cried

there was no place to go

I remember when nobody cared

but you

I'm not the easiest person to love

But you, you've opened your heart to show me what I'm worth'

Cause you choose to be

on the side of me

on the side of me

What a mystery

You're on the side of me

on the side of me'

Cause everyone needs a friend to hold

when it's cold outsideand there's no place to go

Everyone needs a friend to hold

all alone I cried

there was no place to go

I remember when nobody cared

I remember when nobody cared

Nobody cared

But you

Yeah you choose to be

on the side of me

on the side of me

Saturday, August 29, 2009
My little faith 9:59 AM

Shall blog 1 post before i enjoy my weekends with both my loves!

I cant stop logging on to my blog to listen the song man!

Not sure why im so in love with it..


New toy for Chlovelle,

in love with Vtech now, they have amazing toys!



Slept in my arms after milk,

i think she press her face against my body thats why face so red!

And realise her hands must ALWAYS touch her face when asleep.

Cute habit.

My baby is 5 months old now.

Cant believe it man, what happen????

Not 5 days old anymore?





See, thats how she eats her paci,

the thumb in the middle so like suck thumb. LOL!

She's crying behind cause i pull it out from her mouth..

Little Chlovelle have not sit on a plane before,

but she can teach you how.




Friday, August 28, 2009
Proposed 10:09 AM

* Hubby did propose to me with our wedding bands before.

But its not really offical to me.

We self-fund our ROM, thus the lack of $$ to get a proposal ring.

He wanted to wait till he had enough to get a decent one.

Been waiting for this day for a long time (:

Dream come true.

26 August 2009, Wednesday

After i tuck Chlovelle in bed,

baby lead me to the sofa and sat me down.

He went down on his knees, so that he could be at my eye level,

and asked me to close my eyes.

Then he placed something in my hands,

and ask me to open my eyes.

Yes, its a diamond ring (:

"Will you remarry me?"

"Will you marry me?"

"Will you marry me?"

( He asked me 3 different times )

Me: Yes! And i've already married you!

( I answer him the last time he asked me)

♥ ♥ ♥

He actually wanted to propose to me at the water park,

but its so warm, and velle face is like tomato-y, very red.

But i love that we are home actually!

In our most comfortable pyjamas,

our most natural form,

and our home, thats where our heart belongs.

♥ ♥ ♥

I find it very simple and sweet,

have been waiting very long for this day.

I dont need any grand dinner,

or fantastic place.

They way he is,

is exactly why i love him.

Having him to plan this,

is already a very big step.

I love him the way he is.

And will always remember this day.








Thursday, August 27, 2009
Love is in the air 9:57 AM

Now that baby's home, it feels so right (:

My big bed isnt cold anymore,

and i've never slept so well for the past 7 days.

Even his snores are like lullaby to me. LOL!


I place Chlovelle beside her Daddy the next morning,

hope she will be close to daddy again.



After her 2nd feed,

we went out to have lunch at LION CITY.

My all time favourite (:




Even baby is happy that he is back..

"I'm back!" is what he say before i took his picture.



My good girl played with her Lamaze peacock while are have our lunch.

We ordered Sambal Kangkong, Char Kway Tiao & Chicken Rice.

Oh my goodness, it was heavenly (:




Some smiley pictures before we left.

Then we headed to Preston road's Babiesrus to stock up diapers.

Huggies have this box 2 pack, then free $10 gift card.

Why not? (:

Plus i got $6 off huggies coupon, $5 off total purchase, and 15% off one item.

Super good deal ok.

After babies r us,

baby wanted to bring us to some place nice.

But my velle is so tired and cant fall asleep.


I held the peacock in front of her,

she grab and stare it, then fall asleep.

Very cute.




Notice i wore the same couply polo as baby?


Big boy...


Fort Worth Downtown




ah~love this picture.

Its so sunny!


Being carry out for picture taking.





When its my turn to carry,

she so engross in the waterfall loh.


Kiap her face, dont let her turn!


Happy happy family <3





Behind me was a couple taking maternity photoshoot.

I was so afraid the very pregnant lady will slip and fall loh!







Baby wanted to bring Chlovelle down,

but worry they might both fall.

Baby might survive, but velle chance are lesser.


So i ask him ownself go down. LOL!


Ah~ If velle's older i'll bring her down, below like so fun!


I love this special day (:


And love with special thing too.



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