Being In Love ❤

Monday, October 31, 2005
10:33 AM

jie lun new song nice.
im hungry again.
i wan to thanks mrs chan and lao shi.
for always guiding and encourage me during this 4 months in Touch.
mrs chan gave me a book.

written by a christian teacher.
i still dun wan to tear open the wrapper.
lao shi gave me a..
jewellery box i can say.
they love me..
they wrote a card for me too..
looking at the children.
i hold back my tears.
i wouldnt wan to cry in front of them ofcourse
encourage words from the staff there..
ofcourse they will see me again.
in heaven.
i will go back.

8:50 AM

Celebration declares Victory!!

isaiah 54:1
"Sing o barren woman,
you who never bore a child;
burst into song, shout for joy,
you who were never in labor;
because more are the children of the desolate woman
than of her who has a husband,"

even though u are going through ur downs,
we must remain joyful!!

look at joy's cute handprint.
she did this during doughplay!!
Image hosted by

i really like this stitch writing pad.
Image hosted by
falling in love with 7610!
because my k700 hor,
take pic got sound lo..
like so proud to let ppl know im taking pic in their shop.

lau pa sat food is nice nice nice.
if i have the appetite, i will gobble up the sotongs..
Image hosted by
look, angel from heaven!
God's light shining on me..

Image hosted by
this is my last lunch in Touch.
i love it!!
gonna miss aunty food.
kinda yucky right?
its baby food.
i am used to eat this kinda food already.
easy to digest.
snap some pics during lunch.
Image hosted by
cute little clara posing for me.

Image hosted by
cedric!! so reluctant to eat.
Image hosted by
he just keep his food inside his mouth.
Image hosted by
he asked me to take pictures of him!
with his mouth like that..

that is the retarded pic i drew..
Image hosted by
my last chart i done up in Touch.
Image hosted by
i will still go back!
to take my cheque..

meet roslind and irene today to sign form
study study for exams..
see me soon

Sunday, October 30, 2005
10:34 AM

that lester..
is just so cute la..
silly silly boy.
always so calm
he even ask me, what is this
Image hosted by
He says
"looks like cream oozing out from some cake."
"feel like eating it."

Isnt he adorable??????
its my bible!!
not some creamy stuff..
its the milky way in space
milky way goes
curvy and shiny..

I love my bible.
I slept on it once.
does God's word went into my head after that??
so the day before exams, dun sleep under ur book,
no use one..
hahaha.. night!

9:16 AM

God is so good

Dear Father in Heaven!!
i am so looking forward to meet you!
i fall so deeply in love with you!!
nothing can replace you at all..

you are always there when i needed you.
support me when i am so down.
u showed me that i am capable to do so many things
without you, i am nothing.
i am just a ordinary girl,
with no special talents.
but u used me, to love the ppl around me.

because u died for me,
i will be stronger than i used to be,
just for u Lord
yes Lord,
there may be alot of things i still dunno about you.
but i am willing to learn and listen.
life is hard, but u are still good.
i will run the race!!
run run run
till i see ur face..
i know. i will see ur face..
i sure will..

i just feel so excited.
some may feel werid after reading this.
but, He is just so real
that u cannot denied Him.
i dunno how can i wake up, without him in my life..
No God= No life

dun abandon Him.
If one day,
u turn back,
and see Him behind u,
u still have a chance to return to Him.
He waits for you.
REturn to Him darlings..
let Him walk beside you.
if u are too tired to walk,
u must know that, he will always carry u..

8:53 AM


Ate so full!!
yummy yummy!!
we had stingray, sotong, satay, mee gorang, xiao bai cai.
food are shared among 14 of us!

A guy which i forgotten his name sit infront of me and eat and eat.
i wanna vomit le..
Mummy so quiet today.
is she tired?
or, thinking about something.
not quite right..

daddy talk to us in the car.
what is my life goal??
what i really wan to achieve.
i nv really think b4.
and is really disturbed me to think u know.
i just wan to follow God i think.
and do whatever he wants me to do.
i have a strong feeling, i will serve in the children ministry
thats y i can bond with children well.
thats how i feel.
maybe prepare the children for church?
i dun mind serving little children.
i dun mind to clean their vomits.
i dun mind to humble myself.
if it is what he wants me to do.
Should i read my bible now?
so much to tell u God,
dunno where to start.

i really miss sister Jo and Bel alot.
i hope they know how i feel.
do they miss me too?
as much as i miss them?
i miss their presense.
sister jo say will try to come on tues!
dun mind me, if she come, im gonna stick to her!
i dun care!

wrote finish 25 letters for my children.
drama mama..
can give them not?
zhen always remind me not to get too emotional.
yes girl.
i wont.
it is the attached feeling i have with them.
just let me be. for today.

what would jesus do?
what jesus do if, someone close to Him drift away.
what would he do?
so dizzy leh me..

can u picture me?
in a beautiful garden
and children all around me
some dancing
some skipping
all around me..
im gonna live in a world of children
God's children

3:47 AM

You are my all in all

You are my strength when i am weak
You are the treasure that i seek
You are my all in all

Seeking you as a precious jewel
Not to give up i'd be a fool
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name
Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame
Rising again i bless Your name
You are my all in all

When i fall down You pick me up
When i am dry, You fill my cup
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name
Jesus Lamb of God
Worthy is Your name

Saturday, October 29, 2005
12:13 AM

My wound is recovering!!
but still painful..
praise the Lord..

i left one more day,
which is monday (31 oct)
i returned my locker keys yesterday!
heee, cause last day returning everything very saddening la..
A chinese told me she next month leaving,
and gave me a voucher..

Another English teacher also told me she leaving next year..
so many ppl leaving..
cause sometimes it is really bored to work in the same place..
dun be complacent!
even though very comfortable.. still must change!

the item i bought for zhen arrived..
cute cute cute, at least thats how i find la..
stomach so pain,
weak for whole morning.
what is happening to me?

cute Lil hippo.. muack!

Thursday, October 27, 2005
7:20 AM

I left with 2 more days..

Left with 2 more days,
den get to know mrs chan more..
i wish we had this talk earlier, like maybe
2-3 months ago.
we talk about the story behind us.
what really causes me to be soft-spoken.
and she also shared her life story.
feel closer to her, and yes, i love her!
i do. its true.

since im young, i feel pressurize by my family.
learn this learn that.
but ya, i appreciate it, cause it help me alot!
table manners, abacus, mental calculation.
poems. blah blah blah.
since young i need to live with fear,
eat must greet all of family members
if sit not properly, will get scold.
how to hold chopstick.
it is driving me crazy.

it cause me to be timid.
and i decide to shut myself up i guess.
my parents dun live together.
and when i young, i will lie to my friends
and truly i hate it alot.
why me?
now its diff, because of God, i dun grumble..
no more 'why me'
i love my life, even i know it will gets tougher,
God pushes my potential to the most end..

A teacher gave me a voucher today.. thanks!
hahha dunno what bookshop one..
she asked me whether i got find any job.
i say no,
she say can call her.. she have job..
even mrs chan ask me got find another part time job not..
oh no no no..
i nv!

Blessed.. 31st of oct..
Hippo's last day,
thats y today keep hug my little angels.
well, they love to hug me too what..
Class chinese teacher once ask the children
'look at ms chong, what is she'? (funny question right?)
ya la.. they like to hug my leg, my hand.. twirl around me..
ms pillow chong..
nice huh.

God! thank you for the time i had with mrs chan!
i just wan to praise u, for being with me the whole day.
even at times, i feel like crying out,
u presense encourage me to hold on..
'yan wen, u can do it'..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
3:42 AM

I am so looking forward to next year.
i dunno why, not because of ang baos(nope)
definately not because i will be 18!
but just some type of good feeling, its like a brand new year u see
Every thing start from afresh.

i already start telling zhen i will be shopping for new mirror.
Yes! new mirror! full lenght of possible..
and a study table!
where i can organise my things.

i wonder where will God bring me to?
A childcare?
not sure when sch starts again..
i love to study u see..
about all the children behaviors.
but i dun like to work, especially when i am throw with so many work to do
i feel so breathless.
how will u feel, when u reach school. and someone tells u~
today got impt ppl coming, get this out by afternoon..
ask me to draw a boy and girl??
draw me? opps.. wrong person..
well.. i did draw.. muahahha!! children say nice.
innocent children.
i must take the picture and post it up.. nice??
retarded leh..

Image hosted by

sobbing little tinkerbell.. cute huh.. sayang! be brave..

3:17 AM

Black & White

It has been so long since i blogged!
i miss blogging, it;s just that i did not find a skin i liked so i stop..
Stupid reason u may say.
guess what, i left with, 3 more days..
3 more days then im out of TOUCH carechild..
leaving my lovable babies there.. i'll miss u darlings!!
they wrote letters for me!
i hugged brendan on monday, almost cried..
precious darlings..
Let me show u my precious Joy!
Image hosted by
isn't she cute?? She is already 7, cant tell??

Image hosted by
thats the goodie bag i brought for them! they will sure it!

oh ya! bought a watch!
Image hosted by
ain't it cute? very big! xavier says" ms chong, ur watch so big and fat!" oh ya, guess what, i nv go talk to him anymore.. kidding! cheap cheap cheap.. only 12

Waiting for my diva and mickey mouse bag to come! waiting for u.. waiting for u...
kinda crazy nowadays.maybe because im leaving.its killing me inside, just that i didnt show, it doesn't mean im alright.

Dear father is Heaven, i pray that u will lead me to a place you wan me to serve! yup! exams coming.. im ready! yeah right.. got study.. but.. feel so confidence leh.. although i just complete 2 topics.. hahaha!

- God grant me the Serenity to accept the things i cannot change, Courage to change the things i
can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

Sunday, October 02, 2005
1:23 AM

Happy Children's dAy!!
Its was so fun yesterday,
hAad so much fun Taking pictureS..
At suntec toy r us.
poor staff, there have to clear up the havoc scene
at the Hot! corner..
working isnt fun right?

I dun feel like working~ ha
lazy me!
cannot!! for my future..
aiyo.. mao dun
i love the things at toy r us.. haha! caps and stuffs.
haben find a skin that i really like.
aLl dun suit me!
SAd case.

tml is monday!
i shall let monday be just monday..
i will get over it soon..
2 more months..
getting salary soon Ba..
am i?

`For God so loved the world, He gave His only beloved Son.

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