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Thursday, February 26, 2009
How have you been? 5:06 PM

Recently nothing to blog.

Never take pictures too,

but im kind of busy at home.

Cooking for babyfied everyday,

but very "xiong"

I stand awhile, i feel faint and tired.

Is Velle baby really so heavy?

Besides cooking,

i have been arranging her clothing again,

because baby's colleague just had a daughter, 5 months now.

They pass us some old clothings,

which means more more more washing.




The clothing this time is really cute.

At home, i also improvise Chlovelle's dresser.

So babyfied will get the hang of her stuff easily.

See, one box mitten, one box socks. LOL!

Damn easy right?


im slotting the pictures in the albums.

Because i may not have time to do it once velle baby is out!

And i found some old old old photos!











I think thats the order, from the hair we got.

Should be.. Hmmm..

And also photos when we are younger!




Baby is totally so cute and i am not!

Mummy always tell me im a ugly baby.


Because im darker, with bigger features.

Totally uncute.

Just now im web caming with mummy and ting ting.


Saying how ugly i look.

I have fat face, and big nose now.

And i've got balloon tummy,

they comment its really big now (=



The little little girl is my mei mei,

yes, she is a pretty baby.

Fair with smaller features.

When we are younger,

we arent close, because she always got me alot of scoldings.

But i think she loves me much more than i love her.

RIGHT??? (=(=(=

Anyway im glad and happy that you found a job!

Jia you!

Tomorrow will be me and baby's 8 years anniversary.

27 FEB 2001 was the day he weirdly ask me to be his girlfriend.

16 March will be our 1 year anniversary.

To save the trouble,

we are combining these 2 anniversaries together.

No big gifts this year.

But we are planning to do something really meaningful.

Some parts of my body is going way off my liking.

But there are parts i wished, it would stay even after Velle is out.


Like my feet (=

I love it swollen, totally.

Doesnt have bones sticking out,

and my thighs are so flabby, I LOVE IT!


34 Weeks 2 Days

I love my tummy now,

because it looked so filled up.

And doesnt sag down.

I think like when baby coming out,

the bump will be lower?

Dont it look so perfect now? LOL!

Inside it will be my perfect angel.



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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Eighth Check Up, 34 Weeks 11:56 AM

Today, we are at Week 34!

Its getting so near,

6 more weeks (or earlier) to go!

Had my appointment today,

accompanied by babyfied.

Normal routine:

Weight checked, urine test, temperature, blood pressure.

Currently weighing at 105 pounds,

which converts to 47.7kg

It means that, i gained 11 kg so far!


I wanna hit 52kg by the time she is out, not sure if its possible...


Baby and I really cant figure out what is this scan about,

the doctor says its her lips.

Can you find it?

I wonder izzit that watermelon smile at the top?


doc took a look at my tummy and told me it is the right size le.

Means it was bigger than the last he saw me (=

Measured her head, and its the right size it should be.

Her body is smaller, but comparing to her growth,

it is still growing constantly, and should be Chlovelle's size.

He also make a comment i am destined to have a small baby.

Because im just smaller, and believe it or not,

babyfied was a underweight child too!!!!

So, how can chlovelle be super duper sumo fat??

Oh well,

im so happy she is growing fine.

Her position should be good too,

as her head is super duper duper low.

And her legs are up near to my ribs.

Something that surprised me ytd,

was that baby actually ask me if i really love Velle.

Ofcourse i do, but was curious why he even asked that qns.

He then told me,

he really feel he really LOVE Chlovelle.

So sweet right?

I love my babyfied so much,

i think i love babyfied more la..



Awwww... my cute darling,

6 more weeks to meeting you!




Monday, February 23, 2009
Nothing to blog about 9:40 AM

My weekends are ok....

Nothing fancinating happen.

The part i love most is that baby's around.

I wonder if he loves to be with me too?

I did not take a single picture during the weekend,

did not buy anything too.

I was happy, but a little moody inside.

Actually i felt a little sick.

But im not.

I feel dizzy now and then


cold, and gets goosepimple now and then

out of body feeling

Hungry but dont feel like chewing food

I feel tired even i sleep for hours

and im not as energetic.

My back hurts if i stand too long.

Shortness of breath

I kept telling myself im fine!

I just need to eat well, sleep early, drink lots of water,

and take my vitamins EVERY NIGHT

Then i will be good.

I should be good, i must sleep early every night,

and not exhaust myself.

Having this gastric pain since i woke up.

Not very intense, but pain loh.

I did eat, im eating now.

Oh i also had cramps on saturday night.

Maybe im just too tired.

Needa rest. more

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Unspoken words.... deep inside 1:24 AM

Many times,

i feel like blogging about how i really feel about certain things.....

But i cant.

I feel like typing it all out,

but comments will always be given.

Good and bad comments.

But what if i dont need any comments?

I dont want any comments,

i just want to speak my heart out.

I wouldnt want to blog anything upsetting here,

because whenever im upset for a moment,

the next day it will be over.

I have deal with it, and problem solved.

But comments comes and its like revisiting my sad moments.

Not helping at all.

I am better a message person,

a email person,

a blogging person,

a letter writing person,

a msn person.

But i cant be a talking person.

I cant see you face to face and tell you how i really feel about you.

I cant call you and tell you how i am feeling without crying.

Through the technology now,

no one can see my tears.

I just need to say.

You misunderstood me.

Please, i really dont need comments at all.



Thursday, February 19, 2009
33 Weeks 2 Days 4:54 PM


Currently in my 33 Week.

Weight did not increase much,

which it should be right? Very weird.

Maybe im not eating enough.

Very regular in taking my vitamins,

as i believe it does contain iron.

Which produces red blood cells, i guess.

Will feel faint now and then, if i stand too long,

do cooking, or do walking.

Often i see STARS floating around.

Chlovelle is doing her regular daily hiccups.

Some day i feel her strongly, some day i dont.

She seems to be always changing position.

A moment the hiccups can be felt on the left,

suddenly it shift to the right??????

Stay in there longer, young one.

4 more weeks to 37 week.

Then consider not a premature baby.

We also order her crib from

Walmart really very good,

not only their prices are super duper cheap,

sometimes they offer 97cents shipping to your house!!

Even for bulky items.

If there is no 97 cents shipping,

opt for free shipping to your nearby store and collect it!

Its wonderful right!

I love Walmart! LOL!


Thats how i look everyday.

Wearing my pink robe walking around.

The pink very cute right?

But just look at my overall look, like kuku.....



I laugh at myself la!

I cant tie at my belly, as it will slip down,

so i tie it on top of my belly.

Which means me like.... Very weird looking.


i am feeling very sleepy now.

But i need to cook dinner for babyfied.

To end this post,

let me share a cute comic i recieve via email..








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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Baby's First Takamine Guitar 9:50 AM

Baby came home feeling super excited yesterday.

Yuan lai, he gotten his guitar!

His first ever takamine, in perfect condition.

He super guai,

still can bathe, eat and settle everything first,

then last last part of the night then open it.

I have to say the sound of the guitar is nearly perfect.

(to my ears)

We (me & my ex-cellgroup mates) got him a simple one a few years back,

the one he always been using,

it was cheap and good.

But the one he got this time is so much better,

the sound is so crisp clear!









I didnt really allow him to buy at first,

but he convince me telling me that it worth the money.

You cant get it at sucha price in Singapore.

Plus, this guitar can plug in into an amplifier,

which is good for his upcoming performance

No need to strum until so hard liao. LOL!


See baby, i told u i love your guitar.

Now the babyfied needs a HARD CASE for the guitar,

and he intends to buy an amplifier.


Does that means if i buy a bag, i can buy its matching wallet,

coin purse and cosmetic pouch????



I bought this fondue set!

Super excited!

I saw it selling on the valentine's day aisle a week ago.

Set my heart to get it once is over,

so got 50%

Totally crossed my fingers when i went back on monday,

and saw this poor thing on the messy aisle


5 bucks! LOVES!



New bags from Coach.

Kill me someone~!

I saw this after i bought a box of diapers,

which means im super broke to buy this for myself.

Next month next month


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