Being In Love ❤

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
7:50 AM

I am in love with this phone

Image hosted by

I am in love with the pink..
if only


if only..

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
11:31 AM

I like xiao zhu alot
as in, luo zhi xiang
i think he work hard for what he have done today.
and i really admire his attitute
and his love for his daddy and mummy
great guy
if a person, come out and just famous
no use..
he out for 11 yrs, now recently then become famous,
because he worked hard.
so proud
He plays drum and piano wor
and dance really well
compare to the past
jia you xiao zhu
no wonder i like to watch yu le bai fen bai so much.

6:39 AM

Tomorrow will be the last day of november.
Last page of reading daily bread of month
sep.oct and nov.
then it is dec already.
xmas coming
bd coming
big move coming
looking forward to lots of things.
especially to year 2006
new furniture in my room.
My christian birthday, which is in march.
time flies
it has been 8 months since i accepted christ
i cannot say that, after i accept him my live have no ups and downs
But every test he gave me
my faith grows stronger.

encouragment from doggie always brighten up my days
she is like a sunshine i can say
without them,
whos gonna company during my low times

We will be together forever
and i will nv let them go.

6:33 AM

Do you want a refreshing change this Christmas?
consider new ways to give yourself to the Lord
and to those in need. It's a meaningful way to thank
God for "His indescribable gift" of salvation through His son

The gifts that we may give
And deeds that we may do
Most truely honour Christ
When self is given too.

If given a chance,
or if i have the prompting from above to serve overseas.
i will do it.
but will i be able to put down the studies i have in singapore?

Monday, November 28, 2005
10:49 AM

I pray that she will be ok?
I know she will be
she is a strong girl
i hate to see her blog with sad entries.
i wonders did she cry at night?

Crying is bad for health
even though i do cry
i hope to cry for something happy
then something so sad.

i wan to see her smiling and laughing
from her heart
i just love the cheerful her
it just brighten up my day.

maybe prawn cracker will cheer her up!
as if
maybe me dressing like tinkerbel will do

u have been not acting like urself
i dun liek it
everything so werid.

12:47 AM

If only my memory wasn't so poor
i would remember what question my dearest sis ask me
dumb brain.
why sleep can brain wash me??

she ask, is jesus beaten to death
and few more.
can see the things i do,
sparkles her curiousity
thats a very good start

i pray very long yesterday
for each and everyone of them
for a moment, i though MOL was this coming sat
silly brain.
I was so excited asking all my frends
Long lost frends
i was just, finding that and asking them by faith.
have total 26 tickets to order

And i intend to go concourse to get them little gifts
TINY ones la
for xmas
BIg hole in pocket.
All i thinking was,
money will drop from heaven.
then alot ppl come asking me qns in yahoo
so real right?
then this morning i check, someone bidded my 18 dollars shirt.
he is so so so real!
u have to know him urself
i hope my words are powerful enough lo sometimes.

with the coming 18 dollars.
i hope, can get the gifts.
invite my grandma for chinese show.
i need to catch up with her
i need to.
she is a christian
i know, i will see her in heaven.
she used to take care of me.
next time, she will also take care of me.
right? grandma?
my daddy was a christian too, got baptise and stuff
but things for worst for dad,
he begin to use reflective mirror
to reflect the evil
i hope this show, will bring him back!
he needs god
God is waiting for him
no one will ever be too late!

I tell ting ting
i can see, that day she rise up her hands and
say she wants to accept christ
i will be like weeping,
will joy.
i told me, i will bring tissue
ting, is closer to me than before.
i stil rehearse what pastor gonna say,
and show her what she will do,
and i showed her how i will react
and how will i pray for her

too enthu
im always like that
with my lousy prayer skills.
i need practise
i prayed so so long ytd
and my mouth start to tremble
like really fast.
dunno is numb or what.
because i wasnt saying out my prayers

zhen im so happy for u.
im sure ur daddy salvation is not the only salvation u wan to see righT?
Brave girl
i know alot more needs God
dun forget him.

Sunday, November 27, 2005
5:43 AM

The time we spent together today WAS GREAT!!!
not just great, its, i cannot describe.
no words can describe it.

Doggie, u are so being missed by US
and mummy! Missed u so much!
u should have come,
if u free

CAn feel the holy spirit around!
So strong
And AS We says AMEN, we know that things that we pray will surely come truE!

THats why i say, i can give everything up,
FOR GOD, and this Wonderful spiritual family
totally refreshed!

As Daddy showed the powerpoint that the roles he had for us
not only us. His goals and mummy's too
i can sense, daddy's strong faith.
I really cannot describe the feeling.
But i believe that each and every one of us
will act on our goals and make God proud of us
being that little children!

bought a card for me sis.
so nice that card,
crazy me
i have my own prayer book.
but it is totally different from what i blogged here
only my sisters can read la
its my feeling..
and my prayers
for things happening around me

stomach hungry
and guess what
my sister ask me whether i wan to eat
whoo hooo..
She's asking, means we going down to buy together

Saturday, November 26, 2005
9:40 AM

Proud to be his #1 fan.

Hoho. love sats!
i seriously dying to come for service.
worship was GREAT!
God, im ur #1 fan.
Yeah man
Easily drop tears recently.

Baby issac
can i bring u home?
getting more handsome each sat.
Every sat after service i will wait for u.
In Love *
Crazy me
He's just a baby!
important creation
WWOnders went he will start walking
Im gonna catch u!
start walking soon baby
the floor isnt hard.
u can't be floating right

Today giving out the bulletin for SBG
bulletin or what?
tired, dunno
i pray that the result will be overwhelm
its will be!
i believe that, Totally, even b4 service

Was thinking and missing Jo and Bel today
Almost made me cry.
WAs recalling Jo worshipping beside me.
A Sentence hit me.
Put that Behind.
Tears almost flow out.
Put tat behind? God, are u telling me to do that?

Cluster tee new batch out
intending to get for lester first
im waiting for u,
u know?

Ofcourse u do.

was in a blur mode today.
during service
i couldnt concentrate on the second song
eyes was staring at the baptise bros and sis.

Will my mum agree and come?

In a daze.

alot thoughts come over me.

i think too much

Was disturb by Wai's not lending me her lappy
angry le!
but her pimple joke was really funny!

Gou love the necklace
i shall do one for her by myself
did u see this sis?

Jas is still so energetic
dun molest my prince charming huh

Maggie Mee queen
eat too much, skin will yellow leh

thanks for the ride.
funny being

Sze chuan
caught u dozing off during service.
next time, must bring pegs, clip ears.

u u u u u
still look like big bird to me
long eye lashes

biggy eyes

went to guys toilet.
went wrongly!


Thursday, November 24, 2005
10:29 AM

Bad mood..
right now.

if only i could find someone that knows me well

Craving for chocolate sundae.
guess only ice cream could make me feel better.

Feel like drifting away from humans.
Hippo is the best.
kiddin, how could i live in a hippo world.

can i have another hippo for xmas?
exactly the same one.
so that my hippo will have a twin.
and i will name it newbie.

been watching spongebob
beginning to laugh like him..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
9:34 AM

something is wrong with her..
i hope she will be ok.
doesnt seem like that girl i know in sch.

not sure what can i do to help her
only can encourage her.
if she made up her mind,
i dun think i have the power to change it
unless its God

Think will pray for her.
thats all i can do..

Starting to love my nano.
yea.. didnt like it at first..
fragile and filled with fingerprint.
i still didnt find a casing for it.
i hate to see the prints..
wai have been working hard.
pray that she have enough rest!

4:46 AM

Seriously missed my kids in Touch.
miss their smiles, laughter, cries..
just miss their everything..

every morning i would greet every one of them.
sit down and ensure everyone drank their water.
sit beside them and take out their things.
i seriously know where is their things in their bags.
without teachers looking, i would put their bags for them.
stroke their hair, ensure they are neat..
ask them to empty their bladder and join the class.

THen i will check their notebooks and prepare for their lesson.
dough play or anything.
after that they will be preparing for outdoor,
i wil check have their bring their caps and urine b4 they step out of class.
sometimes they would tell me they forgot to bring their caps.
which i will mostly find it in their bags.

Having my days spent with them is fun.
just my studies, assignments, and the amount of work i need to prepare for them is really tough.
i will have seniors ordering me around.
and dead lines for this and that.
i seriously just wan to spent time with the kids only!

when i first went in,
i will sit with them, read to them. have lesson with them
i feel like a kid myself.
because of that, kids build rapport with me very fast.
and b4 mrs.chan comes back from her holidays.
i already know all the names of kids.
i even can communicate with a special needs child.

She was surprised that i could do that,
and that is when my work load comes in.
she pushes me to my limit, so i can learn as much as i could.
well, if i haben been coping both sides.
i will still stay there.
i know i can do it.
i can talk the kids language..
i know what they thinking.
i dun mind acting like a kid in front of them.
i always show all my expression, tell them my feelings.
and they respones is so cute!!

sometimes when they talk those babies talk,
i will follow them.
i love to carry them and scare them
having the close contact with them is my key to close relationship with them
i love to hug them.

Pat, will always sleep with her legs across my stomach!
and celine will sleep when i just sleep beside her.
joy will always leave a space for me, when i tell her i gonna sleep with her.
i love to sleep with joy! her blanket is so comfty..

when i went back to see them.
i was so happy that they remembered me,
and was so shy to come forward.
Rachel is still the one so expressive.
joy was so cute, she didnt call me when i call her name..
only after few minutes she start to call me.
in a soft tone 'ms chong' she giggle.
i couldnt hear her, so i went forward.
'i say ms chong' she said again.
so cute!
she will always be my darling.

so happy most of parents remembered me.
Xue xian could come up and tell me
that she knows i stay in serangoon.
that letter helps!
maybe i should put my photo!!

it is fun working with K2s
so sensible
and they are old enough to know what u are going through.
i still kept their letters their gave during my last day.
i hope to see them again.
maybe outside at shopping mall..
i would definately wan to hug them again!
my baby..

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
6:22 AM

God grants me the senerity to accept the things i cannot change,
Courage to change the things i can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I really love this passage alot!
was reading the book jin gave me.
Was listening to hillsong and reading.
the book was so good..

i was moved to tears by the testimonies
especially the girl, that went to other country.
she saw the infant that was malnutrition
and the toddlers that want adults to give them hugs and comfort they needed.
that story really moved me to tears.

Yup, God doesnt need to give us explaination to us.
He has his way of doing things.
peanut brain of mine wouldnt know what he is thinking.


5:23 AM

In God I Trust

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding...
-Proverbs 3:5

Monday, November 21, 2005
11:09 AM

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All done by my baby.. isnt he cute! hahaha.. that silly boy, just love to play with beads!

Image hosted by
Lewis didnt like this.. i find this nice what! argh! that boy

Image hosted by
Cute right? this princess top, hope someone grab this soon!

i think my size too small, ppl cant buy my clothes!!
waiting for ppl to buy, so xin ku..
tml will buy newspaper find jobby..

Jesus u are my saviour and my soul!!
MOL coming.. and my mum, somehow, know is my church thing
she reject
should i go to the xmas party?
patty anne.. im coming..
as soon as i earn 100.
from where?
erm erm erm..

Daddy, when does the bible i wan comes?
where do i buy the chocolate?
when does ster daily bread come?
when can i go encounter?

Sunday, November 20, 2005
8:36 AM

when to J8 with zhenny
tried alot of levi's jeans..
gotta get one more pair really soon..

Hope 24 fits me,
i dun wan 25..
Bought a purple ear thingy for my nano..
gonna change my nano to a purple nano soon.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
j8 is really cute..
characters from strawberry shortcake!
make me think of mummy..

Yesterday volunteered at my previous workplace.
i really miss them alot!
not only kids, and the teachers!
children was like ' i miss you'
really love them..
they got really shy, hide behind parents..
kym didnt come.
i got booth to tend, so cannot take pictures of children.
sad case.

Image hosted by
My precious JOy joy joy joy joy!!!
Forever my darling!
she graduated le!!

Image hosted by
Pretty Belle.. only 4 year old.

Image hosted by
Celine celine.. my k2 precious girl.
she always tell her friends, she is my rambutan.
i didnt bully her, she said it herself
i really dunno why.

Image hosted by
Both pretty little princess.

Image hosted by
As i am busy tending booth, loook at what some oone is doing!

Image hosted by
My booth, marsh mellows.
u have to grap them with the shark..
the most only grap 3.

Image hosted by
we did this for ourselves..
i love peas..
not peas actually.
scopes of ice cream.
the blue one is blur berry flavour
the middle one is mix, raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavour.
and the purple, is wai think one, YAM

Saturday, November 19, 2005
12:41 PM

Ck called lewis,
and they talk for really longgg..
Ck says that he wan to go new creation.
and wanted lewis to follow.
hahaha.. Buut he rejected him.

fiona faith is really high,
he sms ck saying that everything she prayed came through
see, God is so real.
i really hope she can come for service for once.
she still keep thinking about the charcoal thingy
on her birthday.
i can feel that God is working on her.
so happy.
i hope she really read the bible we gave.

Magic of Love coming, any one interested in going?
gonna invite my mum, sis, and auntie if possible.
i hope.
my father and grandma can go too.
but, my mum and father cannot go together..
tml must talk to my mum.. ask her about the date.
guess what daddy say is right,
think its time for them to know christ.
im ready..
hope my mum can meet my spiritual parents and family.
my church and what am i doing.
hope this will bring me closer to her..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
10:58 PM

If only.. If only i can sell all this!!!

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Image hosted by

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Ms Hippo
havent been using her brains.
shopping non stop.
Really wan to get rid of all this new stuff!
All BN!
that all will go..
And my Piggy bank will be stuff with notes.

i need money for xmas presents!
its true.

you are the way
the truth and the life
we live by faith and not by sight
for u!
we're living all for u...

10:39 PM

if im in the mood
i will always do something nice for myself
something that i like to do.

like cooking lunch for self
buy alots of chocolate

my mum say i always live in my own world.

Why my mum love my sister more,
but expect more from me??
i dun understands this.

i was telling my sis next time
will wan a 5 room flat
she was telling me
mum wont stay with me.
cause wan stay with her.
i laugh!

cause i know,
if next time i nv prepare a room for her
she will kill me.
but she will say she wan stay with ting.
my mum is so mao dun

sometimes i cannot think what she wants
say a thing, expect the other

Another thing is,
that day meet my dad for dinner
after dinner
i dial her number and asked ting to talk to her
asked her what would she wan to eat
when we reach home,
mum ask who call her.
i will say ting..
then she just shoot out
i know, only ting have my heart.
yea yeA..
if u ever know ting didnt wan to speak to u..
she say dun need call la..
the one doing the action maybe isn't the one that have the heart

i think is because from young im more like my dad.
Closer to that family.
so my mum acts like that.
it doesn't matter anyway.

i just hope she knows i care!
ting said b4,
she will want to live house by age 21
to stay with her frends.
u can't keep her forever
she can't learn.

u are spoiling her
now her attitude like that is because of you
when young u nv want her to buy food herself
till now, she s afraid..
stop protecting her!

when young,
i refused to buy food,
u will forbide me to eat.
but if she refused,
u will buy for her..

u mean i am suppose to always get meals for her??
u call home to ask me to buy food for her?
u scold me just because she didn't eat
u know her stomach isn't mine.
i wont know if she's hungry

if u will ever know what she is thinking.

11:51 AM

Feeling really moody today
must be the rainy day
i dun like it to be wet everywhere.

maybe when im home,
then i will be happy that it rains.
ting has been sneezing
guess she caught a cold.

144 meeting today.
Cast away my mood and really worshipped Him
My dearest FAther
i love u.
with all my heart!
please always guide me
and i'll forever be willing to follow
what u have for me

I cannot find the bible i wan
i too impatient to wait for Daddy dan bible.
im me
and i better change that
really sleepy..

ster say i should save up
i think so too.
buying necessary and saving!
i'll listen to u..
i've always been a good girl what
im not so me..
too tired le..
kitty not here today!
hope they will be fine.

piggy bank.. u will be SOOOO full

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
11:04 PM

My surprise didnt come yesterday..
Take care surprise.

Zhen and Wai getting their ipod today.
zhen will have a pink ipod while
wai will have a er. white ipod nano.
She wanted it black actually.

today have 144 meeting at marine parade
wonder what would i learnt today.
really look forward to the day at Touch Child care
having Year End Function
and the greatest thing is that,
im only volunteering.

If im still workin there,
i may the one.
packing this and that.
Assistant only ma
thats what i do...
ster wasnt only too yesterdae..
wonder where he went..
must send out the books by fri..
or thurs..
so sat can reach.

12:03 PM

I have been buying canned food
and feed the kittens below my block.
i dun do this kinda stuff before.

wondering if lester is mapling..
is it really addictive!!!

meet zhen and wai today to watch movie
nice nice nice.
4.5 stars out of 5
the lead star not handsome..
but his arch enemy sure is good looking!!

we took some neos..
deprive from neos.
i nv take anymore le..
not use to it.
i will look at wrong side.
have fun with sisters!
really love them.

tml gonna spend time with sister.
beloved ting ting.
we getting closer thats for sure.
i simply love her.
so this year. really will get her xmas gift.
pray tthat our relationship will continue to stay like this
even schools reopen for both of us.

Monday, November 14, 2005
11:13 AM

i went down to find kitty
she wasnt there.
so sad
i bought 2 can food for her
hope to see her tml

having a kind of werid feeling now
why leh?
im not sure
i always like that recently

i wan to sleep early today.
maybe read heaven is so real first
tomorrow wan early wake up

i wan a diamond ring
it would be nice i guess
Image hosted by
merry xmas!!

9:10 AM

Meet my father today.
was suppose to meet at grandma house!!
but my father and sister got some miscommunication
we meet in bishan in the end.

Bible out of stock!!!
nvm.. im gotta find till i get one.

Saw Zx at bishan..
i love the B.u.m shorts
cost 36..
too ex le..
but i really like it

mummy told me my line gotta finish on 7/1/06
im goota change the plan
i hate to change my number
change phone?
most prob yes.
cause my phone abit spoilt the button
gotta use my warrenty le

i really wan buy alot xmas present
tml meeting zhen and wai for movie!
go out= can find bible
i try not to buy anything today.

got some pocket money from my father today.
abit only.
hope can survive

wai scare me..
say wan surprise me tml!
i really scared..
i got weak heart one.
Daddy please heal her back please!!!

i dun like a group of ppl celebrate birthday for me
i dun llike ppl sing bd song for me
i will cry..
dunno y.. from young like that le
dun like be centre of something

Saturday, November 12, 2005
12:36 PM

just deleted a whole chunk of rubbish i wrote
felt alot better~

heart abit pain.
it shows that im alive
my heart seems dead

i miss joy.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
1:46 AM

No Way.The Hundred is there.

The child
is made up of one hundred.
The child has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.
a hundred always a hundred
ways of listening
of marveling of loving
a hundred joys
for singing and understanding

a hundred worlds
to discover
a hundred worlds
to invent
a hundred worlds to dream.
the child has
a hundred languages
(and a hundred hundred hundred more)
but they steal ninety nine.

the school and the culture
separate the head from the body.
they tell the child:
to think without hands
to do without head
to listen and not to speak
to understand without joy
to love and to marvel
only at easter and christmas.

they tell the child:
to discover the world already there
and of hundred they steal ninety nine.
they tell the child:
that work and play
reality and fantasy
science and imagination
sky and earth
reason and dream
are things that do not belong together.
And thus they tell the child
that hundred is not there

The child says:
No way. The hundred is there

Loris malaguzzi

i love this passage.
i really hope, i will not become a caregiver
that always restrict children.
I wan them to have lots of imagination
and creativity and too excel in their work.

Monday, November 07, 2005
10:48 AM

Got my academic results for the assignments

DCDS01- B+

i really wanna thank God and also my group members..
they are really good.
i was at camp when they did the Cmp.
Love u guys!!

and for the DCD
i totally forgotten what i write on it
i can't remember!
God bless!

6:51 AM

No Feeling.. (moodless)

in a blank state.
not sure why.
resting from my study.
didnt study so hard before..
i pray that i can remember what i read.

just now was cleaning my terrapin xiao bai
then he got so irritated by me
i was cleanin his shell with a cloth
he got so irritated that he kept opening his mouth
i find it so cute,
so i called lewis over to see
i showed xiao bai the cloth and he bite it

i got so happy and i tell lewis
xing xing hate brushes
i was like go go..
try on xing xing.. go take brush from the toilet.
i turn and look and him(his face was in shock)
xing xing?! he repeated
smile on my face disappear and immediately
tears just flow down my cheeks..

i forgotten dear xing xing have left me..
i will always remember her.
i always thought she was around.
ssmiling at me..
she was my best frend
after that day she died
i didnt go near the terrapins anymore.

it has been so long since i touch them
today i carry xiao bai up is because in my heart,
xing xing was there..

good bye girl.
hope to see u soon

Sunday, November 06, 2005
10:08 AM

Hunger for Chomp chomp food!!

you can bring me to chomp chomp everyday
i wont get sick of their food,
in fact i had it yesterday.
and now i feel like going again.
my hand, got one line.
those baby fat line..
werid huh.
it should had dissappear.

was very happy yesterday.
cause jo mms me about her leg.
glad that she replied..
even though worried about her leg.

and Wai..
that girl, cannot find time to see doc..
after exams, if can
must really ask her go see.
pull her.

zhen told me something that made me happy.
zhen got alot funny incident that she nv told family wor.
shall threaten her.
fall in love with a braclet.
*jesus love me* braclet.. should i?

5:04 AM

teachers must know the child development of child..
dun think what most teachers learn le will remember..

Friday, November 04, 2005
2:28 AM

When was it?
i think its wed..
chat with peter for while..

He said that i've change.
for better?
i dunno..
he didnt say..
he say i will look at ppl around me le.
like more care for them
but i tend to forget old friends..
i didn't.
its just that, u always so busy.
and when u not busy, i'll be busy.

working so hard?
yes i am.
and i love it.
i dun wanna be a princess anymore.
i dun wan get serve anymore.
i've grow up.
i can do things i think i cannot do.
at least i try.
environment change ppl.
my theories is popping out of my head now.
environment shapes child.
i do agree.

i've job seeking..
kiasu kiasu..
i cannot sit still la..
wan me stay home hear my mama voice?
no way.
ask me do this, do that.
no no..
she can, pick up dustbin and say, why so full.
and ask me clear..
well.. she already pick it up right?
then she wan to put down to ask someone do it

what for.. so many theory.
as if it will go in my head.
i think lorenz really werid..
wan study geese.. then study geese lA!
what for relate to children.

dun mind me.
im going crazy.
*lock at home*

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
11:07 PM

Sad morning(afternoon)

Sister Jas called me.
i didnt manage to wake up.
after that,
i know that i miss my fav show!!

decide to buy the vcd from poh kim.
they are selling!!
nexxt time got mirmo..
please come and bomb my house.
didnt get to watch it more than 5 times.
i just couldnt wake up..
didnt know today have.
if not sure will wakey..

im so auntie la..

8:21 AM

ARGh.. Exams!

been studying hard.
yea right
play and study and play
wondering did anything went into my head.
i dunno anything about information processing
and the classical conditioning.
only god can save me.

Teacher zhen shall teach me soon..
i skipped a bit read a bit
i think can la hor.
got come out all meh..
2 hrs only
study till ways to soothe a crying baby
i got crazy and took my hippo and try out
hope this would improve my ah ma brain.
sayang lil hippo.. please bear it with me

Tuesday, November 01, 2005
10:40 PM

The Card

I was reading the card the teachers gave me.
i know, ms low is disappointed with me
her actions showed me that.
im sorry

oh well, life have to move on still.

" we must accept uncertainty,
must set our doubts aside,
Be brave enough to rish a loss or
setback to our pride.
We should not be afraid to change,
nor be afraid to dare-
If we just take a chance,
life holds rewards beyond compare."

And 16 wrote on the card..
i dun always get a farewell card huh..

feel like vomiting
cough came back
i'll be ok..
*drinks water*

10:34 AM

when to daddy house to celebrate deepavali.
ate curry, and the, chicken wings.
didnt had plain water for while day
thus, didnt go to toilet.
i was so uncomfortable.
i love to drink water.
shy to ask
too bad..

fall in love with him totally..
i wish i had a son like him.
my baby.
took 2 pics of him.
and i know, i wil see him around right?
i go find him.
thick skin me
baby issac my dream baby

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