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Friday, October 31, 2008
Grocery shopping at walmart 6:57 PM

Its been so long since i go grocery shopping without baby.

In fact its the best to go with him!

He chooses all the vegetables, pick all the smelly meat.

And go near all the chillers.

But due to him working at 430 today,

i need to call Jennifer to see if she is gg out.

I need more carrots for my macaroni (=

My carrots are [ Baby friendly]

Which means,

babyfied can bite and chew on it,

without grossing out.

LOL! How convenient =D

Its so heavy to go marketing,

got milk and juice already very bad liao.

with some other things somemore.

Then climb up the flight of stairs,

totally feel vomity.

And tired, breathless.

So im also consider very pampered by him too.

i only carry very light things now!

Instructions from his mama. LOL.

im his Queen!

and he's my KING!


so its prince or princess neh?

Checkup on 11 nov,

hope everything ok.





Tags Replied ❤ 4:09 PM

Babyfied is off to work,

having his guard duty,

which means he will be staying overnight in camp.

And me,

alone at home on HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!!!

Baby will pay for this can,

he didnt told me in advance he got duty,

if not i will surely make him change the date.

I got one bowl of candies ready,

but not gonna open the door lo!

Was thinking to put the bowl outside my door.

LOL! how funny will that be.


remember i bought 2 new bra?

i think i got the wrong size.

couldnt really breathe.

DUMB me,

i got a bigger cup (which wasnt my size)

and did not change the band size.

How could the boobs grow and the band size nv grow right?

aiyoyo. cant stand myself also.


Anon : Actually i do eat more than usual already, alot meals, but each meal in little bits. Helps to digest.

Christina : Tagged u back! linked u up too! (=

Tingg : Yes! im light, born thin leh. Imagine me when im not pregnant, lighter! LOL

Daniel : I thought i told u burberry polo out of stock liao, got bad memory.....

Bren : Next scan on 11 Nov (= like 2 more weeks!!!! Tummy not big, but bigger le, cannot see my pubic area le. LOL!

Sandy : Yea hor? dunno why, my fingers also not say become fat or what leh! I open tubberware the cover will fly off one. u fell? be careful! i only slipped, nv fall. so scary.

Zhuzhu : I add u on msn le! chat online yea? (= Keidi really loves elmo leh! so cute la!

Suzhen : He sure will be a good daddy! (=(= thanks! ya, im trying to gain weight too lo.

Zhen : Popped out liao! If ur VS orders over 100, can order online, ship to my house. Easier.

Nana : COOOL~! cant wait to see, and u also must rest! ur post scares me loh!

Tingting : You realise my shorts tight liao not? LOL! tight liao lo! she reads my blog ah? FAIRYTALE~


Thursday, October 30, 2008
Marriage Quiz on Face book 9:42 PM


You will marry in your late teens - early twenties.
You are a real homemaker, down to earth, practical,

with a glowing, relaxed beauty that is enhanced
by your pure / innocent inner being.

You were snapped up young as you are a such rare gem.

Partically true, im a teen bride! LOL!

Lewis will be a good Father 7:18 PM

After i found out i was pregnant,

i have lots of fear.

Especially thinking that will lewis be good daddy.

OR can he be a daddy at all.

He is very much being pampered by me.

You should see the mess he made everytime he leave for work.

Monday, tuesday i will diligently clear his messes.

wednesday thursday and friday will be, forget it la!

He leave his clothes and shorts in the toilet, glasses everwhere.

Socks here, and some other clothes there.

towel on the bed, plates on the coffee table.


But the main point is,

I want to thank all the young young mummies that i met along the way.

They really encourage me, each one of them thru tags and msn.

Telling me, "can one la"

telling me lewis can do it one.

Just like being a mummy,

being a daddy will be VERY natural.

For my lewis, he will definately be a wonderful dad.

In the morning, when i wake up,

he will greet the baby.

Cutely, but yes!

Or when, he arrive home after work,

he say out loudly

"daddy is back home!"

And ask if baby is good today!


baby cant run yet, and follow me around. LOL!

He thinks alot for baby,

telling me he save money to buy camcorder for baby (take his growth)

He also wanted to buy the best baby gadgets around (until i told his it will be soiled)

He want baby to dress up prettily or handsomely

He told me if take plane, cannot go thru the scan ?!?!?!

( i think can go thru lo, then he will go into deep thoughts.)

He told me firmly he is VERY UPSET that i jump down from the bed a week ago.

He reads baby magazine, telling me how is baby growing now.

And ofcourse, he tries his very best to let me have what i want at the moment.

What more can i ask for?

I am truly blessed and happy.

Thanks for all the well wishes.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008
17 weeks, 2 days 7:53 PM

I was never clumsy.

This word has never been used on me before.

In fact,

i think i am rather good with my fingers.

I cut



and was never called butter fingers.

I even sew a bolster for baby,

and he is even using it till now!

Never use sewing machine hor, handmade!




How pretty is it!

I am waiting to sew for angel now. HAHA!

but recently,

things begin to fall off my hands.


open water bottle, cap drop.

take food, food fell off.


its just so funny.

funnily clumsy,

because of baby?

Do you think so?

but who cares man.

baby dont.

Happily pregnant,

waiting for little one to ripen.

I use to think my love is ALMOST perfect

i wouldnt dare to say its perfect.

Nothing will be perfect

But i am married to someone i love :

my first ever boyfriend.

my first kiss

my first time holding hands with a boy

my first hug

my first real date with meals

my first cooked meal

my first mending of fallen buttons

my first fight

The First Ever Guy That See The Monkey Side Of Me

And ofcourse the ugly side too.

my first and one and only marriage ♥

And now,

i think our love is Complete.

Because our little one is coming soon......

and we are going to be a little family.

Small, but this time, perfect in my eyes.



Us at 17 weeks and 2 days.

Very light i know, either me or baby got no mass.



Mozart Bakery 6:33 PM

I am getting more and more 贪吃

Talking about food just brighten my mood,

or destroy it if i unable to get it soon.

Anyway i was whiny about having cakes,

because i dont really like the cake styles around here.

I dont like cheese cake

No to ice cream cake

No to brownie

No to muffin

No to pastry like cinnamon

No to doughnut

I just want simple FRUIT CAKE,


That its spongey inside (=

Woke baby up,

and he allow me to have Cakes for Lunch.

" Must abide pregnant woman cravings "

I think he said something like this on the car.




Mozart Bakery opened by Korean.

Playing sad and emotional 韩 国 music.


See the cool pigeon holes that we sit in?

i could slouch here for the whole day eating cakes la.


And my cutest babyfied Q-ing up.

Very tiny indeed.


Chocolate Cake (=



Pronounce it as, Cro- (Q)cat [ Similiar ]

Its like potato with mixed vege(mostly onions for this ), and beef (of very little)

Then coat it bread crumbs right, they fry it.


Baby didnt really enjoy it,

he says " 乱 七 八 糟 "

Dunno what he eating.

But i thought it was nice leh.


This is baby favourite!!

i didnt name it, its it original name.

baby eat, baby food.

Imagine him when he ordering :



And it definately rhymes.




Ofcourse again,

we had hot chocolate with these.


Grocery shop,

and came back to pack baby dinner.

Did i mention i came across another bakery and still bought pizza bread for myself.

And the same croquette with hotdog thingy for baobao.

Oh and swiss roll. (his fav)

[ Thats for supper, he is gonna work sooo late today. ]


Oh and i pack nice nice fruits for him.

Carefully shaved pear soaked in salt water.

And hand picken grapes ensuring its firmness and washed clean.

LOL! just kidding la!

like some commercial.

To end this post,

i was thinking to send a surprise back to mummy to cheer her up.

Nope, im not packing myself in a box.

But i hope to get her stuff soon,

to make her feel better.


ting please take good care of her.

Woman mind really wonder and think lots of unnecessary stuff dont they?

As for me


Looks like my kitty stuff need to wait for awhile.

its blur as baby phone no close focus.

but its blinkies kitty ribbon.

I am obsess with her ribbons.

With love,


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Monday, October 27, 2008
Weekends. Chow farewell, Halloween Party 9:04 PM

HAPPY 7 years and 8 months together BABY !!


I am deciding whether to bathe today.

Its freezing cold,

but i feel kinda unclean though.

Photobucket has the theme thingy,

and i set it flowery!


pink and blue and a hinge of purple.

And right at this moment,

despite me feeling super the cold.

sickening wearing 2 button up cardigans ( NOOB)

I crave very much for vanilla ice cream,

or any flavour that will slide down my throat.


My third time there,

still loving it (=

Asian Buffet with normal carbos, sushi and whatever.

ONLY 10$ per pax.


Mine. on the first round.


Babyfied. He won this time round.



Opening ceremony.




And tonnes of baby picture when he having his dessert.


After dinner,

drove around to see "babies r us"

A new store opening near us.

Just opposite my gynae (=

Its like super near,

where i will get all my baby gadgets soon.


We are in charge of marinating the Chicken Wings.

Do felt kinda stress cause, wings ma, one of the main right in BBQ?

if not nice, will be damn scary.

But thank God its is DELICIOUS.

Use the same method i did when i make baby lunch.

The broiled wings.

And i guess no one eat as much as us. (=


Have decided to cut my hair,

shorter, maybe to this length.





With beautiful swing in the garden,

near the BBQ pit.

Its really pretty but i did not sit on it.

What if i got dizzy, worst right.

Anyway i was sitting on the bench eating for a period of time.

I duno how long was it.

Its just from bright and sunny TO dark and cold.

I ate like alot too.

Wings, rojak, fried oyster(EGG), melons, sasauges, squid, prawns, briyani, curry, corn.

something like that, then multiply it by a few times of each food.





Cutest 3 year old ALEX.

He have the cutest baby voice ever.

like some SQUIRT voice.


Then guitar time,

baby playing the rest singing.

And clowning around.



And i was disturbing MR handsome.

he sure have some special charisma.

After that,



not really, like some forcing poor soul to drink.

and throwing him in the water.

And crazily some ppl sobo some ppl to drink.

whatsoever la.


why must u drink and spoil ur liver and have headaches.

whatever la,

totally gross me out can.

Went home and craved pumpkin.







First time craving pumpkins.

And realise it didnt stink, and it is sweet.

the inside of it is gooyeee, and kinda gross like papaya.





Used arcylic paint to paint it yellow.

super weather proof.

internal was glittered paint.

And i LOVE IT.

SUNDAY. Halloween party

Did i mention is was BORING?

i did not dress up because weather was cool.

and i wont dress cutely.

so not me.






They had some dress up competition and its so not pretty.

she a lady know.

Over there i was bored to death,

not wanting to even bring out my camera to snap ALEX.

which was buzz lightyear cutely.


And ofcourse STEVEN,

wont the craving competition

where he craved from 1pm to 5pm.

Totally worth it.

Eh, got disgusting ppl in this photo. puke.


million cheers that it ended.

Did i mention there is not much food too?

it was bad, i only ate grapes.





Dinner at CHEDDARS,

that makes baby day end great.

I totally love the prawns, could eat hundreds of it.

We went shopping and got

2 bras.

2 jeans.

1 VS babydoll

1 V neck sweater

1 pull over(baby)

Necessities man.

Bigger jeans and bigger bras.



And a really pretty cami.

Next week will be gg back,

have those unnecessary stuff.

like my KITTY!


I just hope they sell these.




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